Where Has the Time Gone??????

November 2, 2008

I have been very remiss in writing and for this I apologize. Life really trumped blogging a lot these past few months. Work has been keeping me very busy, but things are going very well on that front. After being without an associate department head for almost a year, I am thrilled to announce that Colleen Harris has accepted the position and will be joining us in January. On top of that, we have been running at less than full staffing for the past several months and if all goes well that should end by the end of November. Needless to say, my staff and I have been working very hard and have been a tad stressed and stretched thin. That would be the reason for the lack of content over here.

In other news, my colleague, Tripp Reade and I are presenting at the Brick and Click Academic Libraries Symposium this Friday. We are presenting on our department’s experience of merging two of our major service points into one combined service point. This merger happened just as I arrived at NCSU and we have been working very hard for the past almost two years to make it a success. We have learned a lot from the experience and are very eager to share our experiences with our colleagues. I will post slides after the presentation and I intend on blogging the conference. This is my second year attending Brick and Click and it quickly became my favorite conference last year. If you have not attended and have any interest in academic libraries, this is a fantastic and affordable option.

I was taking a look at the stats for this site and I am constantly surprised by how many hits it gets even when I don’t post forever. The repetitive pattern in the referrers and search terms seem to be “effective communication” and “giving feedback.” I have a few more posts in my head about both of these topics. I have a particular post that has been brewing for a few weeks. I think in the next day or so it will be ready to be written up.

So there is my promise to post again soon.

4 Responses to “Where Has the Time Gone??????”

  1. waltcrawford said

    The PALINET Leadership Network Challenge for October-November is “What’s your favorite conference (other than ALA and ALA Midwinter) and why?”

    I’d love to have an adapted version of this as a PLN user response when the Challenge is posted–you can either send me a note as to why Bricks & Clicks is a great conference or I’ll just adapt this post directly.


  2. Laila said

    Do you have a personality? I hope I am never so professional I lack all personality. Honk shu.

  3. No, I have no personality. Absolutely none.

  4. Colleen said

    Laila – hmm, bitter much? Don’t tell us you applied and got passed over! *wink* And you’ve obviously not met Mary or read much of her blog to think she lacks personality. Usually she has extra – you might ask her to loan you some 😉

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