Whistle (or sing or dance) While You Work

June 14, 2007

Sometimes I think the one thing that could make this job infinitely more awesome would be if we could listen to music while working the circ desk.  How could you not smile while helping patrons then?

3 Responses to “Whistle (or sing or dance) While You Work”

  1. Denise said

    I really enjoy your blog. Happy Birthday!
    A few years ago, we DID have music at the circ desk. It was down to a fine art; we had a CD player in the back, and we had it just loud enough so we could hear it but patrons couldn’t. Occasionally, a librarian would pass through and turn it off, but never did a patron even comment. It was the BEST.
    Makes me want to try it again….

  2. Chris said

    I routinely get a song stuck in my head and either whistle or hum it at various times during the day. Sometimes I’ll just tap my foot to the beat of the song, bobbing my head as if I was listening to an imaginary iPod. I’ve got an eclectic imaginary play list, too — Sublime, Social D, Men Without Hats, even the the occasional Madonna.

    As a side note, my particular library branch will sometimes place speakers in front of our PA microphone on Sunday mornings (when the library is closed to the public, but we still come in to work on various things) and crank out everything from Elvis to the Allman Brothers.

  3. Mary Carmen said

    Denise and Chris I envy both of you! My library almost never closes (except during the summer and on Friday and Saturday nights during the semesters) and when we are closed, really no one comes in, so having music playing could never happen. It would just make things more fun and I would venture to guess possibly more productive!

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