Tag, I’m it!

June 13, 2007

I just realized that I have been tagged with the 8 Random Things meme by Chris over at Fifth Law.  Since he asked, here are my answers:

  1. I have an embarrassingly large collection of True Crime novels.  I wish I had a good reason for the collection other than it is a guilty pleasure, but I don’t.  I just like reading them.
  2. My favorite movies are “All About Eve,” “The Big Lebowski,” “Doctor Zhivago,” and “Phantom of the Paradise.”  Favorite TV shows: “Lost,” “Scrubs,” “South Park,” “Daily Show,” “Colbert Report,” “Penn & Teller’s Bullshit,” and “Top Chef.”  Favorite book: Pride & Prejudice.
  3. I will just about obsessively collect anything I think is cute, cool or fun.  I am not a weekend collector, I am full throttle.  I will have all I can find.  This is probably a bad trait.  My collections include: bobble-head dolls, lunch boxes, seven inch records, yarn (this serves a dual purpose obviously), paper (stationary, which does get used a lot),  and movie memorabilia.
  4. I think the Muppet Show is still one of the greatest television shows ever created.  Spider Jerusalem is my favorite comic book hero and I think Dr. Cox from Scrubs is the mac-daddy.
  5. When I am not working, sleeping or eating, I am most likely knitting.  It is one of my favorite things to do and it helps me burn up all of my nervous energy.  However, you won’t find me knitting during presentations at conferences because even though I know it helps me pay attention and stay focused, I believe that it may be perceived as rude.
  6. I hate flying.  I have an intense fear of it and I will drive over fly any day.  If I can drive there in 15 hours or less, I will.
  7. I sing in the car, shower,  my office, kitchen, etc.  I don’t care what I sound like, I just do it.  Sometimes there are hand gestures and possibly some dancing included.
  8.  I have a handbag problem.  Currently, I have almost an entire walk-in closet devoted to storing them.  I will change my handbag every day to match an outfit and I usually buy one everytime I go shopping.

I am going to tag anyone who stumbles across this and reads it.  The next post will be about all the reasons I am not going to ALA next week – it will be full of snark and hopefully a couple of ideas will spring from it.

4 Responses to “Tag, I’m it!”

  1. Nicole said

    I, too, have a hand bag problem. Not quite as bad as yours, but my husband is not allowed me to go near the purse section in Marshall’s or TJ Maxx.

  2. Nicole, that is harsh! I have a weekly trip to Marshall’s and TJ Maxx on Saturdays. I also tend to walk through the hand bag section of Macy’s fairly regularly. Yes, I have a problem.

  3. Emily said

    Have you tried the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice? Originally it was a mini-series, so it’s something like 5 hours. But it’s wonderful! I love the book as well. 🙂

  4. Allyson Evans said

    Hello Mary
    My name is Allyson Evans and I work for the Marcus Buckingham Company and was wondering if I could get you email, so that the president of our company Kevin Small can get in contact with you regarding some of our products and feedback.
    If you could send me this information with your name, email, and URL of you page I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you so much for you time,
    Allyson Evans
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