Still Alive…I Swear!

May 21, 2007

I apologize profusely for the unintended hiatus.  Both my professional and personal lives have been very hectic lately.  The last few weeks have been filled with the end of the semester craziness, several trips to NY, and preparing for summer projects.

Since we are open fewer hours over the summer, more of my staff is here during the day and early evening than usual.  This means that we have more hands to work on larger, time consuming projects that get neglected during the semester.  Whomever thinks that the summer is when things quiet down is very incorrect.  We are looking at doing an inventory, a shifting project, some massive searching for materials, and various other tasks that have been ignored.

This is also a busy time of year because staff evaluations are due next month.  I take evaluations very seriously having been in several situations where I would have loved to fire an employee or two but couldn’t due to a record of outstanding performance evaluations that were obviously inflated and had no basis in reality.  After experiencing that, I don’t ever want to find myself in that position ever again.

This doesn’t mean that I am overly negative or tough, it just means that I am very honest in my assessment and will identify, even the smallest, areas that are in need of improvement.  I also recognize and praise solid performances and areas that have been improved.

So that is what is going in my neck of the woods.  I am thinking about going to ALA next month.  I still have not fully decided.  It is most likely going to be a last minute decision.  Anyone else plan on going?

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